Destination Imagination Tournament Day!


Shannon Henderson, Contributer

Tournament day is what every DI team prepares for! There are a number of different tournament days. Regional tournaments come first, and occur on different days of the month of March depending on where you live in the U.S. In our region that day is March 11. The Destination Imagination Regional tournament venue for this year is yet to be determined. Wherever it will be held, one can count on lots of teams competing at all different times of the day. Teams will have their Central Challenge and their Instant Challenge.

Teams that win 1st in their regional competition move on to the States Tournament. Massachusetts holds the state competition at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester. Again, each team presents their Central Challenge performance to appraisers and completes another Instant Challenge. In most cases, any particular team competes against more teams than they did in Regionals. Teams that win 1st or 2nd (or in special cases 3rd) place move on to Global Finals!

Global Finals is held every year, including this year, in Knoxville, Tennessee. DI happens all over the world, in the United States, Qatar, Guatemala, Mexico and Romania just to name a few countries. Teams that win their regional and state competitions all go to compete in Knoxville. For 5 days teams compete, meet other teams from different countries and states, trade pins and participate in special events happening all week in Knoxville!