Active Minds- A New Club at Nashoba

According to the CDC, only 29% of individuals with depression contacted or spoke to a mental health professional in the past year. There is a stigma surrounding mental health and reaching out for help making it more difficult to feel comfortable doing so. 

Active Minds is an organization that was created by Alison Malmon when she was a junior at the University of Pennsylvania. This was followed by the passing of her older brother, Brian, in March of 2000. In the beginning of his freshman year at Columbia University, he began to struggle with depression and psychosis. In the middle of his senior year he returned home and began to receive treatment for what was later diagnosed as schizoaffective disorder. His depression was left untreated and only worsened as he continued to hide it from his friends and loved ones. 

What Active Minds works to do is destigmatize the idea of mental illness by creating a positive and safe space for teens in need of one. Their work ranges from increasing the knowledge of mental health and resources to helping individuals self address challenges they face, learning balance in everyday life and self awareness in emotional wellbeing. To read more, visit their website at

Here at Nashoba, we wish to create a similar space for the students. Run by senior Nolan Bush, the Active Minds club discusses mental health issues and provides resources to normalize reaching out for help. It also is working to create a safe space for anyone wanting to be a part of it. Nolan and other club members want to spread awareness through the school and also into the homes of the students. If you have interest in joining, or would like more information, you can follow the new Instagram @activemindsnashoba.