Drama Club Back In Action


Have you ever wanted to be able to express your creativity and enhance your skills as an actor? If you said yes, then the drama club is for you! Nashoba’s Drama Club meets every Wednesday around three in the auditorium, either virtually or face to face. Once or twice a month, they do workshops and other creative activities to learn from professionals doing everything from stage makeup, to Shakespeare, to a q&a with broadway actress, Lauren Patten!

Leo Lukaszevicz, Drama Club secretary, talked about all the fun perks of being in such an accepting and fun club: “I found a lot of great friends. Everyone is awesome and there to work hard, and have a good time.” He even went on to talk about the precautions they are taking during this time to ensure everyone’s safety: “If we have an in-person meeting, everyone wears masks and, of course, we’re six feet apart at all times. But we also do online workshops and meetings through Google Meet.”

Unfortunately, the spring production of Hello Dolly was canceled due to COVID and there will, unfortunately, be no fall play this year either. There has not been any news about whether or not there will be a spring production or Class Plays, but we can keep our fingers crossed and hope they are able to perform another great show with this year’s seniors!

Drama Club Advisor, Ms. Foley, said that she is “grateful to be working with such a creative group of students this year,” and it is that creativity that will help them come up with ways to “carry out the club’s mission of providing a safe, fun, and inclusive environment for all students.”

You can find more information on the Nashoba drama Instagram page (@nashoba_drama).