Senior Prom is Right Around the Corner

Hey, Nashoba, Senior Prom is right around the corner!! Have you gotten your prom dress yet? I have and I am really excited to get all dressed up and have a fun filled night with my classmates! 

For those who don’t know, the senior prom is May 20th from 6-10pm at the Westford Regency. In Nashoba history, prom is normally held during junior year, but because of Covid it was postponed. This meant that our advisors had to do a lot of work behind the scenes. Mrs. Dumais felt that  “The hardest part of planning occurred last year. When we started planning, we had no idea how the pandemic would affect the prom. Would we even be able to have a prom? Thankfully, we are able to host a “regular” prom for all of you to enjoy.” 

Wondering what’s going to be at prom? “At this year’s prom, you can expect good music, good food, and a good location, but most importantly, great people,” added Mrs. Dumais. Sounds like prom is going to be a night to never forget. 

Some of the 12th graders are getting super excited, Abby Eastman is most excited “to see our grade being all together!” Senior Aimee Gonsalves is excited about “seeing all [her] friends dressed up and having fun!” Beckett Storey is looking forward to “having a good time and wearing [his] fancy suit!” Marcus Dibello can’t wait to “see our grade reunite for a fun filled evening!”

Mrs. Dumais also gave The regional a sneak peak into some other activities planned for seniors: “There is usually a senior breakfast in the morning after your last day of classes followed by a very casual field day on the old tennis courts. Additionally, parents are working on planning a Senior Banquet for the Class of 2022 to be held on the Thursday night before your graduation.”