Destination Imagination Update

Kayla Everett, Contributor

Nashoba’s Destination Imagination team is back from Tennessee after competing in Global Finals. Shannon Henderson, Colleen Henderson, Charlotte Snoonian, and Else Snoonian placed 14th out of 63 competing teams worldwide.

The team previously placed in 26th last year and in 8th in 2016. They have won many awards for their costumes, engineering and creativity including two Renaissance awards from regionals and states and a Di Vinci award from Global Finals.

Destination Imagination, also known as DI, is a organization in which students ranging from Kindergarten to university-age team up to solve difficult challenges. Some of the challenges include engineering, science, improv, and service learning. Part of the challenges involve constructing certain structures to solve a problem, then incorporating them into a skit. Other challenges include acting, prop-making, set designing, and being outstandingly creative.

After placing first in the first round of competition, teams move on to the State competition. When competing in States, teams that place in the top three places move on to the Global Finals. At Global Finals, teams from over 15 different countries and 45 different states competed against each other. Altogether there was about 1,400 teams with 8,000 students and over 17,000 attending the competition.   

This year, the engineering challenge was drop zone. Teams had to build a structure that could stay standing while dropping weights on it. In addition to the structure, teams also had to make an eight minute skit, props, set, and costumes.

Nashoba’s DI team, High Carbonation, had been working since October to meet all requirements. “DI has consumed a lot of our time,” said team member Colleen Henderson. “We keep redesigning our props and editing our skit until its the best it can be.”

In addition to placing 14th at Global Finals, the team received second place for a DI scholarship. “We only got a certificate,” said team member Shannon Henderson. “But we’re still proud of our accomplishments this year.”

The team has worked very hard this year, so if you see any members in the hallways make sure to congratulate them.

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