Political Awareness Club Goes Remote

In the midst of a global pandemic and the shift to online learning, NRHS has had to adapt not only the way classes run, but also extracurricular after-school activities as well. The Chieftain Press interviewed the vice president of Nashoba’s “Political Awareness Club,” Carly Henderson, to gain a better understanding of the changes PAC has experienced thus far in the era of remote learning.

When school is usually in session, PAC takes place in a school classroom with the teacher supervisor present. The discussion begins with a debriefing of that day’s subject, then people begin sharing their ideas and opinions with one another. The president acts as a moderator between the students. Now, the club is held over Google Meets video chats. In-person PAC relied heavily on visual cues and people raising their hands to speak, but virtual meetings provide a different way for people to communicate face-to-face. Unfortunately, online meets also come with a slew of problems such as WiFi troubles, lagging, and so on.

Henderson stated that her main source of pride is PAC; she believes it provides a safe space for students to learn about the current political climate, discuss it, and expand their ideology. In response to what her biggest concern was when school ended abruptly in March 2020, she said “We left at a time where our country was growing in political unrest and it was distressing to know [students] were left without an outlet to navigate it.”

In the past, members of PAC have discussed a variety of issues: from crises in other countries to the student climate at Nashoba. Recently, PAC members have been keeping up with the presidential debates by watching them together via Google Meets and keeping track of the polls. Henderson would like to leave you with one important message: PAC is always open to new participants! For more information on joining the Political Awareness Club, contact Ian Condon at [email protected].