Destination Imagination Instant Challenge


Standing sideline to the Central Challenges is the Instant Challenge. The Instant Challenge is just what its name implies; teams put their heads together to solve a problem given to them on the day of the tournament. Teams know nothing about the Instant Challenge beforehand. Everything they have to do must be figured out in the time given to a team (typically 2-8 minutes prep time) and then the team delivers their short skit to the appraisers.

There are 3 general types of Instant Challenges. First is the challenges that are just performances. Second is Instant Challenges with just materials that you must use. The third type is a combination of using materials and performing a short skit. Instant Challenges are tough, so its going to take the combined efforts of the team to succeed, so get your teamwork skills going!

Here’s a fun practice instant challenge to practice. Get some family and/or friends and try this out!


Instant Challenge DI example