Ideas about Spring Break

Ideas about Spring Break

Jackie Souza, Contributer

Spring Break: a time to unwind by relaxing at home or getting away from Massachusetts to someplace warm and inviting. However, the calendar committee has talked about getting rid of February and April break. Instead, we would have one vacation in March.

Some students may be stressed about this potential change. The time between vacations would be much longer. On the other hand, this change would mean school would get out earlier at the end of the year. This year, we will be in school for an extra week at least, due to snow days. Could it be that taking away vacation time would mean less school?

“It is an interesting idea and I would be on board with it if it means we get out of school earlier, but it would seem a little unfair only having one week in March. Maybe having a week and a half would be better,” student Clare McNamara says.

Another student, Madison Richard, has a totally different opinion. “No way! Only having one break in March would be awful. February is so cold and having break lets people get away to some place warm. I need my break. I need my vacation,” she says.

For some, only having one break is a huge change and is a bit to scary for them. Weighing out the pros and cons, an obvious pro would be that school would get out earlier than usual, allowing us to have a longer summer vacation. From a parents point of view, having one break could potentially be easier and more convenient for their work schedules.

Some of the cons would be stress on students because of the schedule change. Students need school vacations to have some down time, and looking forward to time off is encouragement to push through. But, if the breaks aren’t as often, things could get ugly.

 All in all, students should have a say in the decision.