Why Choose Community College?


As College Decision Day inches closer and closer, Seniors all around the country have to start thinking about their options for next year. Finding a school you like can be challenging, but what’s even more challenging is trying to figure out a way to pay for it.

While financial aid can make a small dent in the massive amount of money you’ll be paying for the next four years, quite often it is just simply not enough. So what’s the solution for someone who wants continue to further their education, but doesn’t want to be trapped in large amounts of student debt?

Community college is a cheaper alternative to attending a typical four year school. After spending two years at a community college, students can graduate from the school with an Associate Degree in their chosen field of study. Once they have their Associate Degree, students are eligible to take advantage of The Commonwealth Commitment Program. The program offers the opportunity for scholars to attend a state university at a decreased tuition price.

By taking part in this program, families can save thousands of dollars. John Atkinson, who graduated from Nashoba in 2015, is going to earn his Associate Degree from Greenfield Community College this May, and plans to move on to UMass Amherst this coming Fall.

“I joined community college as a means to save money while I cover my general education,” Atkinson expressed.

Atkinson will have a degree in Liberal Arts, and plans to peruse a PhD in Music Education with a focus on classical voice. For anyone considering attending a community college, Atkinson has this to say,

“I personally loved community college. You aren’t as independent as you would be if you stayed in a dorm, but what I found was many friendships and connections with people that I carried with me while I furthered my education.”