32 oz: No problem

Betame DeBono, Contributor

Hunger. It consumes you when you haven’t eaten all day, distracting you from everything as you wait for your meal. NOW, imagine how hungry you would be when your waiting for a 32 oz, aged cowboy steak, bone in, coming to your table. My mouth watered as the 2 lb meat stack appeared at my table late last Thursday as I enjoyed dinner with my family at Clintons Bar and Grill.

Clintons Bar and Grill, is an upscale restaurant located in Clinton, Massachusetts. Located in the center, the restaurant sticks out of the facade of buildings with its outdoor seating and modern design. The outdoor seating area is well planned with plenty of tables and easy entrance to the indoor area of the restaurant.

Once seated we had quick service and appetizers were brought to our table quickly. Once the main meal was ordered, it did not take long for the food to reach our table. The instant the steak left the door way I could smell it from the table, the aromas taking over the space. After grabbing my knife and fork I dug in, slowly removing the bone from the steak and pushing it to the side, a little snack for later. The steak was cooked a perfect medium rare with just enough red glow. Well seasoned and crispy, the meat was not easy to put down. The steak was seasoned with classic salt and pepper and grilled, leaving beautiful char marks on both sides. Slowly, bite by bite, I made my way through the portion enjoying all two pounds of beautiful meat.

Paired with the two pounds of glorious meat were potatoes and asparagus. The well put together sides were a tasty addition. The meal was finished off and slowly I was able to get up and get to the car, after adding more than two pounds to my frame. With such a full stomach I could not handle dessert and happily went home. Overall the restaurant had a great atmosphere, and service paired with phenomenal food and drinks, it was a huge hit. I look forward to trying more of their meal offerings in the future. As for now I need to burn some calories to work off the steak.