Victor’s 50’s Diner, an Experience Worth Repeating

Over the weekend, I was able to enjoy a nice breakfast out with friends at Victor’s 50’s Diner in Hudson, MA. Having had nothing but pleasant experiences there beforehand, I was quite excited to have another meal for the sake of journalism.

From the outside, the restaurant stands out from the brick seen all around it. It’s white exterior is decorated with flashy checker patterns along the window and a massive eye-catching light up sign at the top reading the name. Even standing outside you already feel like you’re taken back to the 50s, but walking in is a whole other experience. 

The walls are lined with vibrant hot rod red booth seats, and the kitchen is visible from the seating, giving it a true diner feel. At any space there can be, there are plenty of pictures of stars from the 50’s like Elvis and Marilyn Monroe. 

Customers are greeted by friendly faces and smiles all around from both happy customers and the sweetest wait staff. The waiters are quick to serve, and ready for nice conversation if prompted. It is clear they always pay attention to their customers’ needs and make the experience pleasant and easy. 

Our food came out fast, and was prepared perfectly. The home fries have the perfect amount of crisp to fluff ratio. I ordered the eggs benedict and a big m&m pancake. The eggs were just right, the runny yolk mixed well with the hollandaise, yet each component was still identifiable. The pancake was perfectly fluffy with not too much chocolate. I couldn’t help but clear my plate. I was able to try some of my friends’ chicken and waffles, and the blend of flavors was delightful.

Victor’s 50’s Diner was truly a wonderful experience, and I highly recommend trying it out for a fair priced local breakfast experience.