Tough Week for Boys Varsity Hockey


The boys came down hard after their recent winning streak, losing their last three games. The team now has a record of 5-9-2. On Monday night they took on Grafton at the Buffone Rink in Worcester, played a tough game, but ultimately lost.

Senior and number 17, Jameson Brideau, started the game off with an early goal. However, that goal was answered shortly after by number 12 from Grafton. With 2 minutes left in the first period Grafton scored a second time ending the first period with a score of 2-1. Nashoba saw some improvement during the second period as number 8, sophomore Robbie Carter, scored a goal not even one minute into the second period. A goal was soon followed up by Robbie’s brother, number 18  and senior captain, Harrison Carter.

Both goals remained unanswered for the rest of the period. Nashoba, however began to fall apart as they made it through the 3rd period. Five minutes into the 3rd,  number 6 from Grafton scored the tying goal, which brought the score to 3-3. With 5 minutes left in the game Grafton scored once again, and took the lead. The boys gave it all they had in the final minutes of the game, but in the end Grafton took home the win.

Senior captain, number 9  Will Andronico stated that “if they want to remain second in their conference [then] they will have to beat both Auburn and Hudson”. These two potential wins would lead them to playoffs.  Will went on to say,  “It’s a tough road but we gotta do it”.

The boys next game is this Wednesday at the North Star Ice Rink in Fitchburg. They will play at 8:00pm against Wachusett Regional. Come out and support the boys as they fight for their spot in the playoffs.