Hole in The Wall: Coffeelands


Photo by: Sarah Newton Chieftain Press Editor

Sarah Newton, Editor

Coffeelands is a local business located in Clinton, MA on High St. The coffee shop has been there for about four years now and seems to be thriving, cultivating a loyal customer base. It has a very warm and welcoming atmosphere that can be felt from the first step into the building. Customers rave about the clean and welcoming environment provided in the cafe.

To add to this warm and welcoming atmosphere, the owners use a “pay it forward” system to foster a charitable environment. Sitting next to their register is a little note card with a story on it about what they call pending coffees. The card reads: “We were in a small coffee shop. Two customers arrive. ‘5 coffees. 2 for us, 3 pending.’ The customer pays for the 5, but they only get 2.

After reading the card I ask the owner, ‘What’s a pending coffee?’ ‘Wait and see.’  is the answer. More customers. Two girls get coffees. They pay normally. After a while, 3 lawyers ask for 7 coffees, they only drink 3, but pay for the 7. While we are talking, a man in need enters the shop. With a soft voice he asks, ‘Do you have any pending coffee?’- and the man is given a free coffee. This type of charity was born in Napoli (Naples, Italy). People pay in anticipation for the coffee and even meals for others who can’t. The restaurant’s welcoming vibe and inspirational story adds to its charm and appeal.

They offer coffee, smoothies, tea, muffins, cookies, chocolate, bagel sandwiches and much more.  Online reviews rave about this adorable little cafe on High Street. TripAdvisor rates Coffeelands number one in both coffee and tea in Clinton, as well as #1 in cost. Their items are reasonably priced and they have a lot to offer, including a variety of different foods and drinks. They have a menu of bagel sandwiches where they have a list of different combinations, such as Nutella and Strawberries. There is also a list of teas with fun names like box of toffee. They also have many healthier options for those on a health kick or on a diet. There is a little something for everyone who walks through the door, whether you are looking for a caffeine kick, someplace aesthetically pleasing, or a filling snack.

The cafe itself is covered in beautiful, eye catching paintings from a local artist. The artist comes in and change them on a regular basis, providing new and exciting art for their customers to enjoy. From the outside, the cafe just looks like another store on High Street, but after one ventures inside it is apparent that the cafe offers a very unique aspect in comparison to other places on the street.