Get to Know the Cast of “Noises Off”


Katie Coen, Contributor

On the morning of September 14th, Nashoba students and faculty found the cast list for “Noises Off” in the front office. The Chieftain Press interviewed members of the cast about their thoughts concerning the show and their acting history. When talking to the cast we got to know their professional theater lives, as well as their upbeat personalities.

We first asked about their characters, and started with senior Julia Thier, who plays Dotti/Mrs. Clackett, a lower class character in the show who works as a maid. Julia explained to us that “she has relationships with many people in the cast,” and later said that “she’s a piece of work,” while laughing. Junior Spenser Weijer says, “I play Lloyd. He’s the show’s director. He’s just a British guy with a lot of relationships going on.” Lloyd is seen more in the show then you might expect, as his show turns into a disaster, making him involved more then he ever could image he would be. Senior Hayley Giovinazzo says her character, Belinda, is “the only sane one in the show. I feel like when everything is going wrong, she makes it better. She’s kinda like the cheerleader of the team.” The only freshman in the production, Leo Lukosevicz, plays Selsdon. “He’s confused and lost and always drunk,” said Leo when asked to describe his character.

This group of actors are very experienced. Senior Hannah Gould says she’s been doing this “for as long as I can remember. I probably did my first Nutcracker performance when I was about 8. It’s been in my life forever.” Sophomore Michael Kosloski says, “I’ve been doing theater since I was 8 and have done at least 2 shows a year since then.” Most of the cast also had leads in either last year’s play or musical, or in some cases, both!

We asked what the cast was most looking forward to and it seems like they really love working together. “Being a part of the Nashoba drama community is like being part of a family,” says an anonymous Nashoba actor. Senior Colby Storey is most looking forward to the ensemble work and “working together as a team,” while sophomore Luke Piotte says, “I’m looking forward to all the funny moments and how the audiences reactions are going to turn out”.

When we asked the cast what the audience should expect, everyone laughed. “Greatness. Absolutely impeccable acting on my part,” Michael jokes. Julia says, “Oh dear. So this one is going to be really, really funny. It’s very in and out, and everything is happening at the same time”. “They should expect a lot of laughs” says Hayley, and Julia says, “It’s a really funny show. I think the audience is going to love it!”

As the Chieftain Press took some pictures, we saw the funny side to the actors and watched as they had fun together. Come see the show on November 17th-19th and stay updated through the Chieftain Press!