Join Young Life!

Join Young Life!

Sarah Newton, Contributor

Need a new way to help make it through your week? Monday and Thursday nights a youth group called Nashoba Valley Young Life, YL, meets. Kids from both Nashoba, Bromfield and a few other schools attend.  Young Life is a safe place for anyone looking to have some stress-free fun. It’s run by a sweet young married couple, Steph and Tylor, who are very passionate about their involvement in Young Life and have been involved with it for much of their lives.

When Steph was asked to describe the club she said, “Club is ‘The best night of your week’. [It’s] a weekly event that Young Life has [been holding] for 76 years now! “.  This sentiment of it being the best night of the week is something that many of the club goers can agree to. When there is a week without club, many YL attendees may say that their week feels empty or  that it is missing something. Club is just a great way to start the week and end a Monday.

“Got those Sunday night blues? No need to panic or be bummed about tomorrow being Monday because Monday night means Young Life”.  This was one of the advertisements in the Nashoba Valley Young Life Instagram. They post every week to inform their followers about upcoming events and fundraisers and to remind them about club. Club Starts at 7:47 on Monday nights and the location varies week to week. All the information will be on either the Nashoba Valley Young Life app, which can be found on the app store or on their Instagram: Nashoba Valley Young Life.

Club is a great place to start the week. “A hallmark of club is laughter and humor- through hilarious games, entertaining skits, high energy, songs and more.  The goal is for every high-schooler to simply come and have fun with friends and caring adult role models.” says Steph.


The night starts after everyone shows up to the designated location that night, students simply hang out and eat snacks. Everyone socializes; either by talking to other students or by talking to one of the leaders. Around 8 of the leaders will go into another room and start playing music which is the signal that club in starting. Everyone then goes into the room and dances around and sings to the music. Club is introduced usually by Steph, then we go into another song. On many nights we also play a game. One such game is where people are  wrapped in tape and then candy gets stuck to them. The goal is to see who can shake the most off the fastest. Another game that is played is volleyball with balloons filled with glow sticks. The games are always interesting to either participate in or to watch and they are different every week.

After the game portion of the night, a  slide show begins which is packed full of information, usually about topics such as where club will be next week,  about Campaigners on Thursdays and what goes on there. They talk about summer camp and then go into another song. “A brief message about God is shared at the end of each club. Anyone is invited to Club regardless of what they think of or believe about God”

Young Life is  a great way to make new friends and to be part of a positive, accepting environment!