Nashoba’s Political Awareness Club Spotlight


Image courtesy of Lea Markham

Sarah Newton, Contributing Editor

Nashoba’s Political Awareness Club attempts to make Nashoba students more politically aware of the world around them. The club debates current political topics, focusing mostly on the controversial in order to draw many different perspectives. It is supervised by Mr. Sakellarion, a history teacher. When interviewed about the origins of the club, he stated “P.A.C. was originally  a Republican Club, but we wanted to make the group less partisan and to reflect the views of our members”.  They have debated topics like immigration, feminism, abortion, and many other pressing political issues. 

The club itself is a very welcoming and up beat environment that all the members help contribute to. The students are enthusiastic and passionate about fostering an inclusive and fast paced debate. Many of the long standing members of the club originally joined because of their passion for politics and political debates. The club is welcoming and accepting of people with all different mind sets and backgrounds.

The meetings are run by Junior Jon Keirouz, who is very passionate about the club’s mission. Jon tries to create an atmosphere where everyone can feel free to participate. Jon makes sure that everyone can feel free to voice their opinion. When interviewed Jon was very clear that PAC was a “free speech zone” where all voices are valued. He is even know to play devil’s advocate while mediating the debates. Jon added, “PAC’s about a lot of different ideas and different people arguing in a room until everyone feels they won.” In an interview with supervisor Mr. Sakellarion, he mused that, “Ignorance grows in darkness, awareness spreads in the light, and PAC is trying to shine the light and promote greater political participation”. Simply, PAC is a place where many individuals from different backgrounds can freely speak their minds on important issues.

Because, if you’re not aware, then where are you.