What is Destination Imagination?


Do you know what DI is? Would you have guessed Nashoba has a DI team? Well, they do. DI is short for Destination Imagination, a club where teams of students hone in on their creativity and problem-solving skills to put together and present a skit to an audience of spectators and judges.

Students interested in becoming a member of a DI team can choose from 7 categories of STEAM-based challenges (STEAM= Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics). Individuals don’t have to do any preparation before joining a team- all preparation is done by the team together in the months prior to tournament day.

Tournament day is when teams show their skit to the judges and audience. At the tournament, teams also solve an Instant Challenge that they find out about on the day of the tournament. The idea behind an Instant Challenge is to test a team’s ability to come up with a solution to a problem given to them on the spot, which test their quick-thinking skills. Destination Imagination is a great club for people who wish to explore their creativity and improve upon their problem-solving skills.