Gearing up for Post-Season Hockey

Olivia Magliozzi, Editor

The hockey regular season has come to a close, but Nashoba fans shouldn’t fear; the Chieftain hockey players are headed to playoffs. The boys ended the season with an impressive record, 18-2. They finished undefeated in the Coughlin Conference, and therefore earned the first seed for the tournament.  In their final game against Fitchburg, the Chieftains blanked the Raiders, 6-0.  Their only losses this season have been against North Middlesex (2-1) and Watertown (4-1).


The defending Division IIIA Chieftain hockey players have high hopes for playoffs. Senior Captain Trevor Sicard reflects, “We had a strong regular season, and, as long as we work hard in the next couple of weeks, that success will transition into the post-season.” Trevor has been an energetic forward all season, and he encourages his team to push hard to win.

An additional driving force on the team is Senior Captain Devyn Barrett, another hard-working forward. He shares what he thinks can make the team successful in the postseason: “To be successful we need to work together as a team and rely on each others’ hard work and effort everyday to win.”

In terms of defense, Senior Captain Charlie Lamplough also grounds the team in net and has helped protect many victories.

The Hockey Chieftains have had another successful regular season, and they are working hard to make the post-season fruitful as well. Good luck Chieftains; skate hard!