The Mural Club!


If you’re a creative thinker and are free from 2:30-3:30, on either Mondays or Tuesdays, you should seriously consider joining the Mural Club. It’s a great way for students to get involved in the artistic process and a way to leave your mark on the halls of Nashoba. In fact, that was part of the idea behind the creation of this club. Mrs. French and Ms. Smith wanted to create a way that students could work on art after school. It also lets students, that are interested in art but can’t fit it in their schedule, participate in the artistic process; in particular students who get their art credits in music or theater classes.

The initial reaction of students three years ago when the club was created was overwhelming. Around 30 students attended the first meeting and joined the club. Dr. Graham then got involved and introduced his “vision” to the club. His idea was to use the murals to show what Nashoba students stood for. He also wanted students to use their murals as visuals that demonstrate the core values opposed to the less meaningful murals of the past.

The Mural Club got right to business brainstorming ideas, subject matter, and possible compositions. After these sketches were more finalized, faculty members were invited and had input on the final compositions and designs. Eventually, five murals were designed and agreed on.

Currently, the murals based the values “Engage” and “Relate” are coming to life in the hallways, thanks to the contemporary members of the Mural Club. The once full club has had many members graduate and has now dwindled down to eight people. New members are very much welcome to this wonderful club.