Nashoba DECA is in Business…. Literally.


Well, it’s that time of year again. DECA season is here at Nashoba and business is in full swing (pun intended). Students from all grades have signed up and are ready to start brainstorming ideas for their projects.

Now, you may be asking yourself, what is DECA and why am I hearing about it so much? DECA is a business competition that Nashoba participates in, offered to any student at the high school who takes one of Mr. A’s business classes. Chapter members work in a group or individually, choosing one of the dozens of categories ranging from Creative Marketing to Corporate Finance, and begin developing a project and, usually, a paper, to present to select judges at competitions.

There are three competitions; Districts, States and Nationals. Chapter members first compete at Districts, and depending on their category, make it to States if they place high enough. If members are really lucky, they can earn a spot at the National Competition, which in the past, has included vacationing in Atlanta, Orlando, or Anaheim.

Vice Presidents of Nashoba DECA, senior Kaitlyn Thorogood and Wilson Fay, discuss the upcoming DECA season and explain the competitions.

“Nashoba DECA is looking very strong this year. We have a great core of returning members, as well as some new members. We hope to have a strong showing again at Districts and States, with the hopes of even more groups qualifying for Nationals in Orlando!” Fay says, “Groups present in front of one judge. You pitch your business proposal for a changed marketing mix of a product you’ve created. Presentation times are different for each category. Then, the judge ask any questions he or she has and each member answers the questions,”

DECA member Catie Kiernan adds an anecdote about her personal experience at Nationals in Atlanta, May of last year. She says, “Nationals was the most rewarding and fun part of DECA for me. It felt like such an accomplishment to make it that far. The entire experience as a whole, from being on the floor of the Georgia Dome to the people we met, made it unforgettable, and I’m telling you, it makes writing a 30 page paper 100% worthwhile.”

According to DECA advisor, Mr. Andreopoulos, DECA membership has grown larger than it has ever been. The student favorite leader has been promoting DECA to all of his classes, and his marketing strategies have paid off.

Recently, Mr. A made some additions to the DECA schedule.

Fay explains the schedule change, “This year, Mr. A will be running a mock competition within Nashoba’s chapter to help prepare members for the real competitions. This will be an advantage for Nashoba because I think it will give us a leg up in the competitions and give us more exposure and practice.”

Don’t be fooled, DECA may be all about business, but it is a fun club to join and a great way to meet new people. It is a perfect way to learn presentation, communication and basic business skills, not to mention a great addition to college applications and resumes.

Speaking of DECA projects, make sure to buy your Krispy Kreme donuts by November 21st to help raise money for the DECA club. Donuts are $8 for a dozen and $15 for two dozen. Don’t miss out!