Games, Games and More Games


Gaming, a very popular form of entertainment, both online with YouTube videos and the actual playing of games are a huge part of teenage lives. Many teens at one point or another have played a variety of games or have watched someone play them online.

 Nashoba Regional High School over the years has hosted a number of great clubs, ranging from sports related to political related activities. There is always something fun that students can do after school. Beginning at the start of the school year, a new club was introduced, the Gaming Club.

 Started by English teacher Mr. Burks, the Gaming Club is an affiliation where every student can come and play a variety of activities from traditional board games to video games on the XBox and Wii systems. The games played however, do not have to only be for these systems. Many students come and play on their own devices and any game can be suggested and played with the approval of Mr. Burks.

 The Gaming Club has grown in size and is now home to over fifty-five participants who absolutely love the club. The club continues to grow with every meeting and does not yet have a limit.

 Student Zachary Weber has been going to this club since the beginning, bringing his own personal Wii. He has had nothing but positive things to say about the club.

 The club is held in two rooms, one for students who want to play tabletop games, and another room for those who want to play with their electronic gaming systems.

 The Gaming Club is held every Wednesday and welcomes all.  Students are urged to drop by and check the club out. The club has games like Dungeons and Dragons, Magic the Gathering, Super Smash Brother Brawl and much more.

 For anyone who likes gaming or is looking for something to do with his or her free time should go check out the Gaming Club. Games are a big portion of teenage entertainment so why not check it out?