The Rail Trail Review

Benjamin Martin, Contributor

Walking down main street in Hudson you can find tons of great spots to eat. From classics like the Horse Shoe Pub to newcomers such as Tequila’s Mexican Cantina, there are many enticing options to pick from. One of the modern classics that has occupied the streetside since 2012 is The Rail Trail. The Rail Trail is a modern flatbread pizza restaurant that offers interesting new toppings along with incredible appetizers and other options for the non-pizza lovers among us.  I visited The Rail Trail with my entire family for my 18th birthday and it was one of the best decisions I made for the day.

We started our night with the delicious cheese mozzarella sticks while waiting for everyone to arrive. The deep-fried exterior combined with the gooey cheese interior with a side of marinara dipping sauce really helped to pass the time before the main course. The Shirly temple is a classic and one of my favorite restaurant drinks and The Rail Trail didn’t disappoint. While small, the drink was full of cherry flavoring that made it great to sip all night long. If I had one complaint, I do wish it came with a cherry or two on top to add a nice finishing touch.

Once everyone arrived we got down to business and ordered the main course. My brother, one of my sisters, and I all split a large Hawaiian and a small chicken bacon ranch pizza. Turnaround time wasn’t too bad at about 35-40min especially considering we were a large party of 7 people. Our waiters were very courteous and made sure to check up on us a few times throughout the meal to make sure the food was good and our drinks were full. Speaking of the meal, the pizza is one of, if not the best, crafted pizzas around. The flatbread crust was nice and crispy with the cheese and toppings not being overcooked and retaining a nice texture. The Hawaiian was my favorite by far, its classic cheese base combined with grilled chicken and pineapple (yes I like pineapple on pizza and you’re wrong if you think it isn’t good) made every new bite exciting. 

Not everyone in my family likes pizza, which I will never understand. Even though The Rail Trail is a pizza place at its core, it also has some other great options. The menu was a tad small but hit all the main points with burgers, salads, wraps, and a few other great options. My dad got the steak and cheese gyro which is essentially a steak and cheese sub but in a wrap style. He is one of the pickiest eaters I’ve ever met and he was still very pleased with his order. 

Whether you’re a hardcore flatbread pizza fan or you like your pineapple on pizza, because of course you do, there’s no better place to go than The Rail Trail. From its exciting new combinations of pizza toppings to its options for the non-pizza lovers among us, there isn’t a better place for a casual night on the town. I give The Rail Trail an 8.5 out of 10 stars, only redacting 1.5 stars for its smaller menu and the drinks being a tad smaller than I was expecting for the price. I highly recommend everyone visit The Rail Trail.