Salmon’s Top 5- Pizza Places

Connor Salmon, Contributor

I, Connor Salmon, am a pizza enthusiast. I am going to give you a top 5 list of the best pizza places in the area. These places are some of my favorites. 

Slaters is my top favorite place. It has a great dining area for dinner and lunch, but you can also do takeout as well. This pizza is a big brick oven type pizza. It is cooked to perfection and has many toppings that you can put on it. This place is just 3 miles down the road on 117. Prices are range from $16.25-23.75

Sorrento’s over in Harvard is a great brick oven place as well. This place has a cool pizza place atmosphere and very nice people working there. Prices range from $15-$19. One of my favorites there is the Napoli. It has Pepperoni, meatballs, bacon, tomato sauce, buffalo and regular mozzarella, sprinkled with oregano.

Rail Trail is a nice sit down place or you can do take out. The pizza is a flatbread style that I like. It is a very casual atmosphere for dinner or lunch. It is right on main street in Hudson and is right near some great dessert locations if you are looking for a sweet treat after dinner. There are many allergy friendly and vegan options as well. My favorite is the Hawaiian pizza with pulled pork. Prices range from $11-$25.

Tc Lando’s is a classic pizza shop. They have many store locations and are very good. They have a wide variety of oven style pizzas on their menu. I really enjoy this one. Pizza prices range from $12-$17

Athens is a Greek style pizza place in Leominster. They have two locations and both are very good. It is a great place to get take out and watch a sports game or a movie. Their cheese pizza is greasy, but definitely the best from this list. You can get personal or party pizzas so the prices range from $6-$40.

I think that the best bang for your buck is TC Lando’s. This place is fairly cheap and you have many options. Their pizza is a pizza that will fill you up and everyone will like it.