Mountain Report-Waterville Valley

For the second of this series of articles, we will explore what Waterville Valley Ski Resort has to offer. Waterville Valley Ski Resort is actually located in a town called Waterville Valley. Situated right about 30 minutes south of Loon, it often experiences moderate temperatures with fairly frequent snow.

What’s new at Waterville? A state-of-the-art six-person chair lift was installed last year, known as the Tecumseh Express. The chair moves at high speeds with a bubble surrounding it, keeping those inside warm, even on the coldest days. It was the first chair lift of its kind in the entire United States! It takes about six minutes to get from top to bottom, moving at 1000 ft per minute. It is capable of bringing roughly 3,200 people to the peak per hour. The chair is accessible from the entire base and nearly brings people to the top of the mountain but stops at an area known as Mount Tecumseh. The only way to get any higher is by utilizing the T-Bar. Tecumseh holds both of the mountain’s double black diamond trails known as True Grit and Lower Bobby’s Run. True Grit is often used for racing, with several moguls and jumps on the trail.

The only other peak at the mountain is known as Green Peak. Green Peak is much smaller than Mount Tecumseh and it holds much of the mountain’s beginner trails. Even the beginner trails are often a challenge so Waterville is definitely not a true beginner’s mountain. 

The mountain also offers various dining options, including the Schwendi Hutte. The Hutte is positioned at the top of Mount Tecumseh. The lodge offers craft brews with excellent food. The pulled pork and Mac & Cheese are exceptional, drawing tired mountain-goers looking for good eats in a cozy lodge with a great view of Waterville Valley. The modern base lodge also offers classic mountain food, with plenty of space to spread out and look upwards to the mountain. Known as the freestyle lodge, people are able to warm up and get a hearty meal before returning to the snow. The Next Level Food Truck is slope side. With chains covering the wheels, the monstrosity of a truck is able to drive over the snow. It serves breakfast sandwiches and other slope side snacks such as whoopie pies, chips, and cookies. And of course, what would a ski mountain be without a Waffle Cabin? Positioned near the Tecumseh Express, the Waffle Cabin serves up classic sugar waffles with the option of chocolate on top. Loon, the mountain we covered last week, actually has two waffle cabins! They are great for families looking for a quick slope side snack to maximize runs during the day. 

The best view on the mountain is located at the top of the T-Bar. If you are looking for a great spot to take a picture, it truly is a breathtaking spot. It offers scenic views of Waterville Valley and the surrounding areas Mountains. The crisp groomed lines and sunlight reflection of the snow gives a bright aura to photos.

Overall, Waterville Valley Ski Resort is a great mountain for all ages. In reasonably close proximity to Massachusetts and only about 20 minutes off the highway, it is an accessible spot. However, with Loon nearby, Waterville is not very crowded, leaving skiers with a better experience. They offer many beginner trails for families as well as more challenging options including multiple double black diamonds. Their extremely reasonable price for both youth, adults, and groups alike, makes Waterville a very enticing mountain. They have all the benefits of a larger mountain without the large crowds. Waterville is a great mountain and is definitely worth checking out!