Save Your Sole: Nike Air Force One “Gore-Tex”

Retail: $150

Resale: $152

The Air Force One is a sneakerhead staple. Created in 1987 it did not sell as well as expected, but eventually gained traction due to its excellent build quality and original comfort technology. In 2019, Gore-Tex collaborated with Nike to combine the company’s first-class breathable waterproof material.


The combination of Nike and Gore-Tex makes for a perfect product. I have owned these sneakers for almost two years, and they are fantastic. I have worn them in every condition and every season. The materials are the best balance of breathable and insulated, and somehow keep water out up to two inches deep. The cushioning is an updated version of Nike’s Air, a pocket of air in between the outsole and insole. The Air is both under the wearer’s heel and toes. This makes the shoe feel balanced and light. The upper is the main attraction due to the large Gore-Tex logo along the back, and the classic Nike Air swoosh on the tongue. The outsole is made of solid rubber and is very durable. This makes the sneaker a perfect shoe to walk around in every day or save for bad weather.


This shoe is nearly perfect, but it does have one slight drawback. It is very difficult to keep clean. This may not be an issue for somebody planning to wear it only for bad weather, as you would expect it to get dirty. If you are trying to preserve them however, it will take some work. The Gore-Tex material is knitted in a way that it seems to hold on to dust and dirt and not let go no matter how much you try to wipe them down. This is absolutely not a deal breaker as it has so much more to offer.

Worth It?

One hundred percent, completely and totally, without a doubt, buy right now, no questions asked.