Mountain Report-Sugarbush Mountain


For the third of this series of articles, we will explore what Sugarbush Mountain has to offer. Sugarbush is located in Warren, VT. It is the first Vermont mountain in this series. Situated right about one-hour southeast of Burlington, it typically sees light crowds, aside from school vacation weeks.

What’s new at Sugarbush? Lift ticket prices are increasing! Year after year, lift ticket prices have been significantly going up, and this is nowhere more prevalent than at Sugarbush Resort. Although the season pass price has reduced, the day pass has gone up a lot over the last decade. The mountain is clearly trying to attract more pass-holders. Lift tickets run at about $205 this year, and back in 2012-2013, they were priced at a modest $89, and the mountain has changed little. The $205 makes Sugarbush the most expensive mountain in Vermont. 

Sugarbush has four main peaks: North Lynx Peak, Castlerock Peak, Lincoln Peak, and Gadd Peak. Castlerock Peak is home to the Castlerock Warming Hut, and Lincoln Peak has Allyn’s Lodge. Allyn’s lodge is a small cozy lodge with a warm fireplace that is a perfect location at the top of a cold peak. Lincoln Peak often sees high wind and sub-zero temperatures, making Allyn’s lodge a great location to warm up. With a Sugarbush lift pass, you also have access to Mount Ellen. Mt. Ellen is located on the backside of Sugarbush. Although it used to be independent, Sugarbush purchased Ellen in 1979. Mt. Ellen is home to FIS, a double black diamond, and one of Vermont’s steepest trails. With moguls running down the trail, this is a challenge for skiers of all levels. 

The mountain also offers various dining options, including the Castlerock Pub. The Pub offers classic American comfort food with a cozy atmosphere. It is more civilized than the typical slopeside cafeteria, offering sit-down service. Mt. Ellen offers the Glen House. This mid-mountain lodge is small but services many people with quick and warm meals. They provide various soups and their specialty gourmet grilled cheeses. It is located in a central spot on the mountain, making it easily accessible to skiers of intermediate levels and above. There is also a waffle cabin located at the bottom of Sugarbush mountain, a staple of the classic New England ski resort. Cafeterias are also located at the base lodge of both Ellen and Sugarbush, serving up classic mountain food.

The best view of the mountain is located at the top of the FIS. If you are looking for a great spot to take a picture, it truly is an incredible spot to see the surrounding Vermont landscape. However, FIS, as mentioned previously, is a double black diamond, so only the best skiers can make it to see the view.

The original American Flatbread is located only ten minutes from Sugarbush in Waitsfield. They serve exceptionally good flatbread pizza and typically have a huge line, so make sure to get there early! There are now eleven locations across New England, but it all started near Sugarbush Resort.

Overall, Sugarbush Resort is a great mountain for all ages. It attracts people from both New York and Vermont alike. With few mountains nearby, the mountain is relatively busy but, due to its vast size, does a good job spreading out the crowds. They offer enough beginner trails for families; however, it is a fairly challenging mountain. They get a lot of snow, so skiing is always good. Sugarbush Resort is an excellent pair of mountains and is absolutely worth checking out!