Nashoba Pep Rally 2019


The Nashoba Pep Rally is coming up on Tuesday, November 26th. It is a day full of exciting games, recognition, and headaches that are totally worth it! This year’s pep rally is particularly exciting, with new events planned by Mr. Andreopoulos’ Marketing and Community Partnerships class.

Two new games include human-sized “Hungry, Hungry Hippos” and a student-faculty game of “Musical Chairs.”  “Hungry, Hungry Hippos” involves teams of three to four people. One team member is face down on a scooter holding an upside-down basket with a rope attached to them at the waist. One or two other team members pushes them into the center of a circle of players on the scooter. With the basket, they attempt to drag back balls in the center of the circle a la the children’s game “Hungry, Hungry Hippos.” The player is pulled back to the team by the rope and the team with most balls collected wins. Three senior teams, two junior teams, one sophomore team, and one freshman team are participating; competing for a trophy! Student-faculty “Musical Chairs” is sure to be another crowd favorite. Eight students and nine teachers are taking part in what is sure to be a competitive fiasco! 

As always, Nashoba athletic director, Ms. Rich, will recognize the senior athletes from the fall sports season followed by a routine from the Nashoba cheerleaders. English teacher Mrs. Bailey will be emceeing the event as she has done in previous years. Reflecting on the tradition of the Nashoba pep rally, Mrs. Bailey loves,“the fact that the whole community gets the chance to come together. It’s a fun atmosphere, everyone’s so loud and cheering and excited about the game and excited about the beginning of the holiday season. We all just get to spend that last hour of the week all together and it’s just a fun environment and then we get to leave and go home and have some turkey!” The pep rally will begin at 1:30 with an early dismissal from E period, so make sure not to miss it!