Student Council’s Annual Leadership Conference



Haley May, Contributor

From Wednesday, March 6 to Friday, March 8, eight members of Nashoba’s Student Council will be attending the Massachusetts Student Council Spring Conference in Hyannis.

The Massachusetts Student Council Spring Conference is an annual event that focuses on providing educational and motivational experiences for students. The three days of the conference are filled with events, motivational speeches, workshops, awards and entertainment, where attendees are trained in areas of leadership.

Tori Lane, a sophomore that attended the conference last year said, “You learn to break out of your shell and try things you normally wouldn’t do. Sometimes it may feel uncomfortable, but it is a very judge-free environment, and somewhere where we can all learn together while also learning from each other.”

On the MASC website, it states “Each year, the MASC Spring Conference combines traditional events with new events to provide attendees the most rewarding and unique experience possible. The MASC Executive Board members work hard all year to make these three days as successful and exciting as possible.”

“One of my favorite experiences there, was the guest speakers,” said Hayley Macdonald, a sophomore who also went to the conference. “It was so interesting to see other people’s perspectives on things. The way they convey their message can be so inspirational, funny, and just really emotional. By the time one particular person was finished with their speech, the whole audience was crying.”

Student council plays an important role in our school community. They are responsible for  organizing spirit days, dances, fundraisers and school events that everyone can be a part of. Their goal is to raise school spirit, improve student involvement within the community, while also helping with the atmosphere of the whole school.

If you are interested in becoming part of Nashoba’s Student Council, you can contact Mrs. Bailey or Mrs. Earley, and attend the meetings directly after school every other Wednesday.