Diamond in the Ruff – Pit Bulls

Brittney Yuen, Contributor

Pit bulls are known for their supposed “aggression”, but that’s far from the truth. In actuality, the aggressive nature often associated with the breed can be based on several factors, depending on the dog.

Often referred to as “the nanny dog”, pit bulls are one the most reliable and protective dog breeds. This means that they are capable of taking care of and protecting children.

Some people decide not to adopt a pit bull because they’re afraid of them being dangerous, especially when the dog has an unknown background. Dogs in general should not be judged for their background but more for their current personality and behaviors. According to Petfinder, “Many (if not most) Pit Bulls of unknown parentage that have been horribly abused, neglected, and/or forced to fight still love people more than anything, and still will be loving family pets”. Nashoba Senior, Cam Trundy, states, “Pit Bulls have this bad stigma around their name, but I have two of the most cuddly, loving Pit Bulls ever.”

One organization that has helped Pit Bulls is PittieLove Rescue. Pittie Love Rescue is dedicated to helping Pit Bulls and make sure they are never abused or neglected ever again. They work hard to make sure each home is safe for each Pit Bull to have a happy home. Use this link to donate and or this link to look up adorable Pit Bulls.