Take a Hike- Mount Greylock

Jack Michaud , Contributor

At a whopping 3,419 foot elevation, Mount Greylock is the absolute highest summit in Massachusetts. This hike is a well-routed, popular site for a good day hike. Mount Greylock is part of an island range that runs north-south, between the Green Mountains and the Berkshires, coming into the famous Appalachian trail’s jurisdiction.

The mountain features numerous ways to reach summit, most popular being driving up the paved road reaching all the way to the hallmark crown at the top; a 93-foot lighthouse. Other methods include hiking, of course, and even a snowmobile trail in the winter. The mountain is a friendly visit for any venue of reaching the top, but the camping grounds are only accessible by hiking. The hike includes a mostly forest-secluded rocky trail that you will be sure not to get lost on; unlike other less-populated trails.

Ms. Foley hiked Mt. Greylock during her freshman year in college. “The hike was part of my freshman year seminar,” Foley says. “I remember it being a really beautiful trail, but make sure you wear comfortable shoes or boots. I did not and it definitely made the climb to the top more difficult.”

Mount Greylock overall is a good choice as a day trip in your car or even an overnight activity to make your weekend; and it’s dog friendly.