Bernie J’s: Mixtape


Sarah Newton, Contributor

We all know the jokes that surround “Fire Mixtapes”, but this Nashoba student who was musically inclined to create his own mixtape has recently released another. Nashoba Junior Bernard Joseph, Bernie J,  has popped up a few times in conversations in the halls of Nashoba for his music. Most of his music can be found on his sound cloud. One of his earlier songs “Pick-up Truck”, a country song, was one of his lesser attempts at music. He ended up taking it off of sound cloud and not putting it on his mixtape.

His attempt at a music career didn’t seem to serious until now. His music has progressed from a catchy but poorly executed song “Pick-up Truck” to his newest Mixtape including songs called “Five Seconds” and “Movies”. There is a very apparent change in music style and in the quality of the music itself. His new songs have good instrumentals and base, well put together, especially for a high-schooler.

“His music and his rap has gotten way better over the years, but the one thing that has to change is the emotion in his voice,” says rising senior Bobby Hollywood. Bobby has been listening to Bernie’s music since he first started out and has watched him evolve as an artist. Other Students have been talking about Bernie’s mixtape, as well. “Movies is my life,” says soon to be senior Mike Piotte, one of the first Nashoba students to purchase Bernie’s mixtape. Mike told the Chieftain Press that he likes to listen to it in his car when he drives to and from school. There is a good amount of support for Bernie as he peruses his passion for music.