May I Have This Dance, Nashoba?


Nashoba is filled with many sports teams, but what we are missing out on is a Dance Team. So many people at this school are dancers, and many are ex-dancers that were forced to quit because of the demands of the normal high school sport schedules. I, too, once was copped out of dancing for a year because of those reasons. I get it, but what I won’t get –  is that year back.

Here’s my hypothesis, if Nashoba gets a dance team, then the long list of the benefits of dance will come into play, making for a more well rounded, positive Nashoba!

Now here’s where it gets factual; after a portion of Nashoba was surveyed, 40% would join a potential dance team and 10% said it depended upon who would join. That means that a whole 50% of our school would be interested in a school team. Furthermore, said that dance teams in public high schools are typically a central group of people that spread positivity within the school. This means that this team could be a source of positivity in our school environment, too.

Not only would the dance team bring cheer and happiness, it would bring wins to our preexisting sports teams! Healthy Living explains the benefits of dance to sports such as football, hockey, and lacrosse. The positive attributes include things that make an athlete a true threat, such as speed, agility, strength, flexibility, balance, focus, and endurance.

A dance team also benefits the arts department. The musical’s dance numbers would be bettered with experienced dancers, and  would serve as a cheaper option for kids that cannot afford the lofty price that dance classes entail. 

If you aren’t in favor of a dance team because you wouldn’t join, that is one-sided thinking. So many areas would benefit from the addition of this team, and this chain reaction would come around to benefit you! If a more athletically inclined, cheerful, and more well-rounded school does not sound great, then I ask you to re-evaluate your path of thinking.

This is only a small star in the explosive sky that could be the Nashoba Dance Team. We could be a powerhouse, a force to be reckoned with. Arts and athletics alike would be reunited under the influence of a dance team. The possibilities are endless, this ideal picture could be painted. We can achieve this madness, only with the installation of a team.