Fall Foliage: How to Catch the Colors

It’s the most wonderful time of the yea… Oh wait, not quite yet. While department stores begin to fill their shelves with inflatable Santa’s and fake Christmas trees, it is still mid-October and fall is in full swing. From Jack-O-Lanterns to pumpkin pie, fall has lots to offer from food to fun. One of the best parts about fall and what really defines the season up here in New England: the color of the trees. Our horizon quickly changes from its boring old green to an absolutely stunning mix of red, orange, and yellow. But mother nature’s gifts are short and sweet, and within a month the beautiful leaves end up in our yards and the trees lay bare. 

Here in Mass, we are currently entering peak season for enjoying the color of the trees. Last week, Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont enjoyed the stunning beauty of the season, but it has almost all passed by this week and Massachusetts only has about 6-8 more days of fall colors remaining. Out in Western Mass in towns such as Amherst and up in the Berkshires, the best of the foliage can be found. With practically untouched second-growth forest, hikes through the Appalachian trails are a treat for the eyes. And if you’re not up for as much an adventure, you can still take a drive down any backroad and roll your windows down to enjoy the scenery. 

Now, if you’re looking for specific recommendations, there are multiple beautiful trails and roads that you can visit. In Mass, Route 6a brings you down through Cape Cod while the Mohawk Trail brings you through the aforementioned Berkshire mountains. If you’re more of a city person, just strolling around the city of Boston in places like Boston Commons and the Public Garden you can find some spectacular views. Heading south, Connecticut’s Route 7 is another awesome drive and up north, Lake Winnipesaukee is a personal favorite. Wherever you decide to go to enjoy the colors, you can’t go wrong with the incredible foliage in New England.