Senior Pranks?


Sarah Newton, Contributing Editor

This year the Class of 2017 has been asked by parting Principal Perry Graham to “stay in between the lines” for their senior pranks. Fearing the consequences of what may come from an intense monkeyshine, there is a lack of talk by the senior class this year. In past years, Nashoba has had its fair share of funny, thoughtful and outrageous gags. The last couple senior classes have been asked to lighten the senior pranks and stray away from the intensity of years past. The seniors have been told that engaging in senior pranks jeopardizes their chances of walking at graduation and could lead to possible suspension.

In the past of senior classes, Nashoba has experienced some foul shenanigans. Manure in the air vents, suggestive tweets posted around the school, and drenching the freshman with water bottles are just some of the ruder pranks. These built up to the point where administration couldn’t put up with them anymore and needed to take initiative. This initiative prevents future seniors from engaging in these pranks, even well thought out senior pranks such as last year’s Les Miserable flash mob, and the For Sale signs placed on the front lawn of the campus a few years back. Both are funny and harmless pranks done by prior senior classes, but the actions of the few worse ones affect the opportunities of many.

After talking with a couple seniors, I learned that many of them feel that they should be able to participate in senior pranks, as it is a tradition of the senior class. Senior Julia Wachtel says “they’re not happening this year which is weird because they happen every year, people have talked about them and they’re either not happening or [the things happening are] not pranks”. Many seniors feel the same way, such as Jessie Harmon who stated “I feel like senior pranks should be able to happen as long as it doesn’t cause pain to faculty and underclassmen. It’s a fun way for seniors to end their year on a high note.” When asked how she felt about senior pranks not happening this year, Harmon called it “a little disheartening”. The additional few seniors I talked to understand that the extent to which pranks have been taken to the past few years was too much, but they find it unfair that those occurrences prevent them from participating in pranks at all. There are mixed feelings in the class, though, as not all the seniors are upset, with some saying that they feel indifferent towards the situation.

This year the Seniors are planning to really clean up the reputation around senior pranks, and we’ll have to wait and see the outcome of the possible senior prank.