Spotlight: Emma Talpey Does Art!


Erin McNemar, Contributing Editor

Nashoba has proven time and time again to be a school community filled with many talented artists. Senior Emma Talpey plans to pursue her artistic talents in college with a major in art education. The senior plans to attend either Maryland Institute College of Art or Syracuse University next year.

Talpey became interested in art when she took her first art class around the age of five or six. However, it was not until her sophomore year that she started to consider art more seriously.

Around the middle of her junior year, Talpey discovered that she could make a career out of her talent, and made the decision that she wanted follow through with a degree in art education.

“I’ve always loved teaching others. I coached girls basketball, and that made me seriously consider teaching as a career. I also knew I wanted to do something in the field of art, so art education seems like the perfect combination.”

Talpey finds inspiration by looking at the work of other artists, whether it is observing art work at museums, scrolling through Instagram, or finding pieces on Pinterest. Talpey is also inspired when she sees an expression she likes or sees everyday human interactions that pique her interest.

“When I see something that inspires me, I usually think about it for a while first. Then after a couple days I’ll have a really clear image in my head of what I want to turn that inspiration into, which is usually when I start to actually do something productive with it.”

Talpey’s favorite art class at Nashoba has been Art Studio 2. In this class students are assigned a project, and given the opportunity to use their creativity to make what they want to without strict regulations and guidelines.

“It’s really independent, and the environment is supportive and helpful. I’m still able to learn without being explicitly taught. It’s similar to the environment that college classes and shared studios offer so everyone is able to learn from each other, and enjoy making art without having to go through the fundamental lessons.”

As an art teacher, Talpey hopes to give her students a creative outlet. She is looking forward to developing a passion for art in her future students, as strong as her own.