2017 Class Plays


Picture courtesy of SMG Theater

Sarah Newton, Contributor

Once again, it is the time of year for the Class Plays. The Class Plays are competitions in which each grade performs a play that the students put together independently. The plays are judged to see which class can put on the best show in under 30 minutes. The class plays have been around for a long time and they are an important part of the Nashoba theater program. The drama community is always happy to have this opportunity to let each grade have their shining moment, and allow the students to have better roles than they may have gotten in the larger plays and musicals that are put on each year.

Class Plays are in full swing, with all the classes already going through the audition and beginning rehearsals. The Freshman class is putting on Locked In, a play about Grace, a woman with Locked-In Syndrome whose life is revealed through flashbacks, while her husband and her father debate whether or not to end life-support. It is directed by Katie Coen. The sophomores are putting on 4 A.M., a collection of scenes about the many different kinds of people who would be up at 4 A.M., and what they would be doing at that time. Directing for the Sophomore class is Elena Naze. Colby Story will be directing the Junior class’ production of Sixteen, a compilation of scenes about the lives of seven sixteen year olds. Lastly, the seniors are putting on Day One, a show written by their very own Sean Bannon, sponsored by the OneDay App, and directed by Olivia Ek. It is about the first day of school of a new English teacher, and his interactions with the students and the staff. All the plays have been picked by each class’ director. Many students have also auditioned and been cast by their director.

The Class Plays are always full of comedy and able to grasp the audiences attention. Come see how each class can put together a play all on their own, from their casting choices to their placement on stage, and find out which grade will come out on top! The actors and actresses will be hard at work memorizing, blocking, and establishing their characters.  They will be judged and awards will be given out for Best Play, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, and more. Come out to the support the drama students and your class on February 3rd.