Exciting Changes to the Business Department


Olivia Magliozzi, Contributor


This new school year brings myriad changes to the halls of Nashoba Regional High School. We are kicking off the second week of school with cutting-edge textbooks, new faces, and fresh school supplies . Like the rest of Nashoba, the business department too decided to step up its game and make many changes in order to create a more successful business environment.

One of the biggest changes to Nashoba business is its new teacher, Mr. Murphy. He is “extremely excited for the upcoming school year.” Before coming to Nashoba, Mr. Murphy worked at the The Bank of New York Mellon starting out in the Financial Control Department. He then moved on to the National Security Clearing Corporation (NSCC) group where he “didn’t actually have any duties protecting the United States” but “would call various financial firms to obtain additional information for trades that did not pass through the NSCC. His final career move was into the Fund Accounting Control Department where he “would run tests to ensure that mutual fund clients were compliant with the IRS, SEC, as well as their prospectuses.” His goals for the year are to “increase the number of Students participating in the DECA program”, “increase the student interest in Business Classes”, and provide a solid foundation for students looking to continue their business careers in college.

Back for his 6th year at Nashoba and showing no signs of leaving anytime soon (thankfully) is Mr. Andreopoulos. Mr. A. has made the personal change to not coach football this year in order to spend more time with his students. He shares, “I love coaching football and I miss it a lot but I wanted to devote all of my time to DECA and focus on helping as many business students as I could. Football and DECA are big time commitments and I needed to pick one going forward.” Thank you Mr. A. for devoting your time to your MASSively DECAcated scholars!

Mr. A. is also making some changes for the DECA business program. He has chosen a whole new cast of advisors since last year who he hopes will help grow the program. Mr. A is “really excited” because he believes this year’s DECA competitors will be the largest group ever!

Though there are no new businesses classes at Nashoba this year, there are some thrilling changes to some courses. Mr. A. explains a major change in his Marketing class this year, “I have teamed up with Mrs. Foley-Procko to co-teach Marketing and Community Partnerships this year.  We have some big plans to get out into the community and get our class involved with some really meaningful projects this year so that should be really fun.” If you are looking for a unique teaching style, this is the class to take!