Ways to Deal With the Snow


Clare McNamara, Contributor

This winter has hit Bolton very hard; the seven feet of snow on the ground has us all wonder if spring will ever arrive, let alone green grass and warm weather. However, let’s not take these mountains of snow for granted. Make them fun and do something creative! People in Boston are skiing down Beacon Hill and sledding off  rooftops!  Here are ways to deal with the New England snow and have a fun, cozy winter.

When asked about thoughts on the snow, many students replied of its inconvenience. One student, Nick Bell said “Well, it’s a little too much” while Averill Meininger said “It’s annoying and I want it to end!” Ideas on how to appreciate this snow range from laying in snow to wandering on deserted roads.

One way to appreciate the snow more is to actually go outside, go skiing, go sledding, or make snowmen. Do activities that are interesting and activities that couldn’t be done without snow.

Sam Watson, Freshman class vice president, say that she spends her time mostly shoveling, but when she does do activities she will “ play in the snow a lot. I like to build snowmen or I just lay there in the snow and look at the sky”. With all this snow, make a huge snowman and Instagram it like crazy, showing off Boston and its record breaking snow.

Another fun snow activity is going sledding. Some students, like Quinn O’hagan say “ there has been so much snow that when I shovel it off my porch, which is maybe seven feet in height difference from the ground to the porch, I can just walk off my porch because there is so much of it” which allows for kids to sled or snowboard down steeper, taller hills. This proves to be more fun for many reasons and can only be accomplished by several feet of snow.

Yet another thing all this snow allows is clear roads. On blizzard days there are zero cars on the road and this allows for kids to trudge through snow while on busy roads. Maddie Susi says “ Well, the roads are mostly empty, especially when we got the three feet of snow, so my neighbor and I met up and we pounded through the snow on what usually are really busy roads” which she later described as “ a really cool experience”.

Perhaps the greatest thing this snow offers is the time off, whether it be snow days or delays. Students appreciate these days because they can get caught up on homework, sleep in, and have a relaxing day off from the stress of school. Snow days are usually used as days to relax by sitting near a fire with hot chocolate and binge watch Netflix. A day off like this is never overlooked and like all students, Maddy Richard points out “ I need snow days, I need rest”.

Those are a few ways to handle this snow and cold until it’s summer and we complain of the heat. Enjoy this cozy time of year and every snow day we get!

Picture Courtesy of Buzzfeed