Music Without Instruments

Music Without Instruments

Lish Ventura, Correspondent

Are you ready for a brand new elective that has never been to Nashoba before? Get introduced to the percussion elective. Run by our very own Mr. McCarthy, the class will be focused around the Broadway Musical “Stomp”. The musical consists of a group of people using random, everyday objects to create some sort of percussion like sound.

“Our plan is to create music through “non-traditional” musical instruments that are based around the world of drumming,” Mr. McCarthy states about the goals of the class.

In the class, students will be using and searching the halls of Nashoba to find 5-gallon buckets, old metal trash cans, pails, large plastic trash cans, paint cans, etc. in order to try create percussion rudiments (basic percussion rhythms and beats). Students will be learning how to create these rudiments, in order to create music using the random everyday objects.

Traditional instruments will be placed in the class periodically, but the class will mostly be around the objects they find.

The class runs this semester during C period. Sign up for the class next year to learn how to make music without instruments!