You Fight We Fight Michelle


Emily Doran, Corespondent

Nashoba lost yet another brave heart. Michelle Farnsworth, a sophomore at Nashoba, passed away Tuesday January 13. She had been battling a rare form of cancer since last March.

Michelle has left us with beautiful memories  and a legacy within the Nashoba community. Michelle was an incredible student and athlete; she had tons of friends, and her charismatic personality and joyful bright smile is not only unforgettable, but will live on to prove that not only was she a fighter, but a true warrior.

Throughout the Nashoba community and in others as well, the passing of Michelle has resulted in an outpouring  of love and support towards her family. On the day following her death, Nashoba wore baseball caps to help the grieving process, and being a student at Nashoba, never has there been so much silence and sadness. Senior Emma Caviness, fellow field hockey teammate, who also played a huge role in making Michelle’s “#YouFightWeFight” video, brought in a banner requesting students sign it in an effort to show the Farnsworth family that the community’s thoughts and prayers are with them as they handle this loss.

The Quabbin fan section twitter account spread love by tweeting Tuesday, “Let’s show some love for Michelle and the Nashoba community and wear green to school tomorrow #YouFightWeFight”.

On Saturday, January 24, the Farnsworth family held a memorial gathering to celebrate in honor of Michelle’s life and legacy.

It’s no doubt that Michelle touched the lives of students in the Nashoba community. Her free spirit and will to continue fighting has inspired many. And as the Nashoba Athletic Department wrote, “Once a chieftain, always a chieftain”; fly high Michelle, you and your legacy will not be forgotten.