Fire Hazards Aren’t Always Bad


If you dabble in the world of social media you might have noticed the growing trend of photos describing the event of someone gaining control of the aux cord in certain situations. For those of you who don’t know “Aux Cord” is short for Auxiliary Cable Of Radio Destruction. If you own a car the chances are you won’t be fumbling with tape cassettes, vinyls, or cd’s anymore. You most likely have your iPhone plugged into your car stereo through the tiny 3.5mm hole that some aux cords are proud to call “home”.

“When you’re looking for America and you pass Chris Columbus the Aux Cord”

Now one thing you shouldn’t do is go thinking that the Aux Cord is just a wire that carries your music through your cars stereo. The Aux Cord is so much more than that. It represents friendship. It represents the good times and helps you forget the bad times.

Only through the aux cord can you cause your friends station wagon to erupt in flames. Only through the aux cord can country music give you severe frostbite. Only through the aux cord can you bring a group of people together in perfect harmony over some dope music.


“When the conductor hands you the aux cord on the Polar Express”.

So next time you have a house party, or maybe you and some friends simply jump in the car to go get Chipotle, hand the aux cord to a friend (homie) or even a stranger (homie-to-be). You never know what could happen next.

Just don’t play Country…