A Homecoming for Nashoba’s New Assistant Principal, Jeanine Boulay


M. Foley

Nashoba welcomes Ms. Boulay to the admin team.

Brittney Yuen, Senior Editor

Nashoba, like schools everywhere, has had a relatively atypical start to the school year. During these times, change can be hard, but it can also allow for doors to open to some new and exciting opportunities. Some exciting news coming from NRHS is the hiring of two new assistant principals!  Let’s welcome Ms. Jeanine Boulay and get to know her more!

Ms. Boulay is coming to Nashoba from Brooklyn, New York where she spent the last sixteen years of her life at a college prep high school. There, she began her career as an English teacher, and took on various other roles such as mentor teacher, college advisor, instructional lead, and finally, Assistant Principal. 

Though she is coming to Bolton from Brooklyn, she actually attended elementary school in Lancaster at the old Memorial School. “It feels a bit full-circle,” she stated. Not only is this move exciting for her because she’s back in her home state, but she also gets to raise her two children surrounded by the nature and outdoors of Massachusetts. Some of her favorite things about MA is autumn: “I love autumn, for it’s colors and because it marks the beginning of the school year.”

Massachusetts isn’t the only thing she’s excited about! She is also bringing many new ideas into her new role to help better our community: “It’s clear Nashoba is a place of high expectations and strong community. I’m excited to be part of the team.” She is very enthusiastic about getting to know the creative minds working at Nashoba and establishing genuine relationships with the other staff. 

Administration and staff have been working hard to provide a fun and focused learning environment during these tough times. Ms. Boulay has spent her time at Nashoba working with “a team of teachers, parents, students, and school and district administrators,” and she is so impressed with how “dedicated, thoughtful, and creative” everyone has been. 

The change to virtual learning has been difficult at times, but students are excited to see the positive changes the new staff are bringing to the school. Ms. Boulay is not only driven to learn more about the Nashoba community, but she is dedicated to providing better learning experiences for all students.