Mary Poppins Is Flying Into Nashoba


Nashoba Drama

Mary Poppins comes to Nashoba

Abigail Crowell, Contributor

Nashoba Drama is pulling out all the stops in their production of Mary Poppins. The show will debut on Friday March 15th, but will also run on Saturday, March 16th at 7pm and Sunday, March 17th at 2pm at the high school. Tickets can be bought at the door or online in advance. The cost is $10 for students and senior citizens and $14 for adults. The cast has been working nonstop for the last few months on the production and plan to wow the audience.

They hope to surprise the audience in many ways, including a new element of the show which has not been seen in a Nashoba production since Peter Pan in 2015. The cast has been working tirelessly to prepare for the new element of flying. Lauren Thier, who plays Mrs. Banks, has stated that, “It’s my first show with flying, so I have to base everything I do around [the flying seen in the play]…” This has made the whole production more difficult, but the cast is very excited to show the audience all of our hard work.

Vivien Stringfellow is playing the role of Mary Poppins in the show. She admires how her character is blunt and has stated that she is enjoying the production so far.  “This is a really fun cast. [In the show,] there’s going to be a lot of things that I don’t think people will expect out of a high school production,” says Vivien. The cast is very excited to be working together and as stated by Thier, “[they] are so loving and are all so supportive of everything you do.”

This musical will be the last production for our seniors at Nashoba. I talked to Finn Hogan, who is starring as Miss Andrew in the show. He said that his character is not in the movie and described her as “…the complete opposite of Mary Poppins. I come in for a bit to take care of the children. I am the father’s old nanny and I’m really mean.” Finn is very sad to move on from this community. “They are the best people that I’ve ever met in my life and… I’ve met some incredible people. I’ve gained some incredible experience. I just don’t think I would be the same person that I am today, if I didn’t do the program.”

Spencer Weijer is also a senior who will be playing the role of George Banks. He is excited about this production, but is also sad that it will be his last at Nashoba. He is grateful for the program and describes it as his place at the school and where he has “found [his] home.” He is also happy that he was able to see “all of these new freshman coming in, and being able to make friends with them and help them and accept them and see them integrate into a community that [he’s] been a part of for four years. It’s really fun.” He describes an inviting atmosphere for anyone who is not yet part of the program and hopes that it will impact them in the same way that it did him.

The actors are all looking forward to performing some of their favorite songs from the production, “Anything Can Happen”, “Being Mrs. Banks Reprise,” and “Practically Perfect”. They are also working hard to perfect some very complex dance moves in the show, including some in the song “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.” Quinn Willshire-Rogers plays Michael Banks and wants people to know that they have “put a lot of time and effort into this” and many members of the cast say that the show is going to be phenomenal. They hope you come out to see the show and witness all their hard work finally come together.