New Snack Shack Guidelines Hit Nashoba


Summer has come to an end and the new school year is kicking in full gear with new teachers, students, and evaluations. One of the most controversial changes within the handbook has been the snack shack. Having an increase in students requires alterations for the school every year. This year, Nashoba is introducing a new “Snack Shack” policy for the students.

In the past years, students used “bathroom breaks” as an opportunity to take a trip down to the cafeteria’s snack shack, in hopes of getting a bite to eat without getting caught. Students constantly came back to class with a snack in their hand, only to be confiscated by their teacher. This year, Nashoba decided to take measures in stopping these excuses that students are just using to leave class.

The new policy states that students must have a pass written by a staff member specifically for the snack shack, or they will not be served by the cafeteria staff. These guidelines have angered numerous students for a variety of reasons.

One student stated,“it’s not fair to every student in the school due to the fact that there are many teachers who won’t allow kids to leave class”. Teachers describe eating in class as a “distraction” or a “waste of class time”.

When asking a generous amount of teachers if they would allow a student of theirs to go to the snack shack, approximately 6/10 teachers said they would “as long as the students don’t abuse the privilege”. Another student reported, “going is a privilege not a right, they shouldn’t be allowed to go unless they earn it.”

Now the question is, will this abrupt adjustment to the handbook benefit or harm Nashoba?