The Origins of the Red Sox & Yankees’ Rivalry

Sammie Catalano, Contributor

Since the dawn of time, one contentious rivalry has set itself apart from the others, and has become one of the single most heinous duels in all of major league baseball. The Boston Red Sox versus the New York Yankees’ battle, although not beginning with time itself, has been potent for just one year short of a century.

It all began when the Red Sox traded baseball all-star, Babe Ruth, to the Yankees in a deal involving  Ruth was traded for $125,000, an equivalent of $1,781,242 dollars today. Trading the all-star was incredibly lucrative to the debt ridden Red Sox, although, the trade marked just the beginning of what fans later referred to as “the curse”. The Red Sox experienced a drought in World Series wins, from 1918, the year prior to the Ruth trade, until 2004, when they took home their first World Series trophy in 86 years.

In the span of 86 years of “the curse”, the Yankees became arguably the best team in baseball. Much to Red Sox Nation’s dismay, the Yankees went on to win the World Series 26 times; and in doing so, the team generated baseball royalty, such as Joe DiMaggio, Yogi Berra, and Mickey Mantle. The tension was palpable during the games that the two teams played together in this block of time.

In 2003, the two teams played one another in the ALC’s. The games were full of anamosity and even went as long as seven games. The Yankees won with Aaron Boone sealing the deal with a home run. Although, the Red Sox clapped back a year later in the ALC’s, as both teams played each other again in 2004. The next four games were taken by the Red Sox, leading them to a World Series win. Sox fans nationally commemorated this major achievement and rejoiced with the saying that the “curse was finally reversed”. This had been the first win for the Red Sox since 1918.

Today, the rivalry still prevails and is regarded as one of the most deeply rooted duel in major league baseball. Both teams are the only ones in the MLB to hold multiple World Series titles since 2007, making for passionate fans and an even more extensive rivalry. With time being the only way to tell, fans wonder who will win, and come out on top this season.