“A Christmas Carol” Review: Hanover Theatre


Katie Coen, Contributor

The traditional Charles Dickens play, A Christmas Carol, came to life at Hanover Theater this holiday season for the tenth time . Nashoba seniors and journalist attended a matinee on Tuesday, December 19th, along with other middle and elementary schools in the area.

Most people know the story of A Christmas Carol, with the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future. The play took an original path, as it was similar to other versions I’ve seen. Compared to the movie, the play version was more interactive. Actors talked to the audience and made subtle jokes. The end of the story in the play hit the audience hard, even though many knew the story.

The singing and dancing techniques were great. The notes were all hit to perfection and the dancing was professional and engaging.  Since the show is very simple when it comes to dancing, the choreographer did a great job adding in little steps here and there. The singing was impeccable, and made the whole show worth while.

As a costume designer myself, I found the costumes fascinating. Lights were included so that even in the dark, the costumes stood out. The ghost of the future wore a tall black cloak, stopping the audience from seeing his face. The use of lighting in this scene was powerful and left the audience in shock. I myself was a little creeped out, so I can’t even imagine how to elementary school kids felt. As for the ensemble, the costumes were very  representative of the time period and created a special element to the show. The dresses flowed perfectly and worked well with the dancing. 

As for the special effects, kudos to the tech crew. The lights flickered with the music, and really made the show come to life. The use of trapeze work was fantastic, and characters flew through the air like there was no tomorrow. The set was bizarre, as it spun on wheels and turned from the outside of houses to the inside. The audience went wild due to the crazy special effects and moving set. The details of fake snow, wreaths, and lights in the houses just made the show extra special. During bows, snow fell from the stage, making the event more magical. 

This was definitely one of my favorite Hanover shows I’ve seen. Thanks to Mrs. Williams for including journalism students in this fun event, and we hope Nashoba can see more shows in the future!