Nashoba Junior Publishes Her First Book


Finn Hogan, Contributor

Sophia Lauer, a current junior at Nashoba, recently published her first work, titled Venture Home. Lauer describes her work as “a series of tiny vignettes that display how my view on life, my outlook on life has changed over the past couple years. It’s me coming into my own…”

Lauer started writing her book about three years ago. She said that she didn’t have a set inspiration while writing. “[My inspiration] really varies. I have stories about everything from my relationship with an old friend to seeing an old lady on the street.” Lauer went on to say that she “wanted people to see me as a character in the story of my life. I build up that character by what I observe and get inspired by.” She wanted her story and her character to be as genuine as possible to portray “the honest story of my life, told through child’s innocence and rich figurative language.” Sophia said that it’s very important to realize that she thinks differently than how she acts.

Sophia was recently asked to share her novel and writing experience with the after school program in Stow filled with 3rd and 4th graders. Sophia commented on what a great experience it was and that she hopes to spend more time with this population of kids.  Venture Home is available now in paperback for $7.00 at Get you copy today.