Cheer Team Heading to States


Sarah Newton, Editor

Nashoba’s Varsity Cheer team is heading to their state competition this Sunday at Worcester State University. The girls took home second at regional this  past Sunday at Shepard Hill, just a few points behind Marlboro. They fought hard and hit their entire routine next to perfect for the first time this season. They will be hitting the mat around 4 pm for what may be their last competition of the season.

They have been having an amazing season so far this year. Their first competition they scored high enough to make it to Nationals and they hope to do it again on Sunday. If the girls score 1.5 points higher than what they did last week, they will be heading to Disney for their National competition which would be in February. The girls have been working hard all season to get to this point. The last few years the team has been mere points away from heading to Nationals and the minor mishaps have kept them from getting to that point. They’re going into this competition with high hopes that this year will be a different year.

For a year that was supposed to be a team rebuilding year, the girls have proved that label means nothing to them. They have come to give it their all this season and that is exactly what they have been doing.  Through all the ups and downs the team has experienced this season, they have persevered and pushed themselves to work even harder. Through back injuries, fractured elbows, and sprained wrists, these girls have battled these issues head on.

The cheer teams fans have been sparse and they need that extra support to help them push through to Nationals. Gather some friends and come out and support the team as they take the mat for this important competition.