Your Next Motivational Read, #GIRLBOSS.


Sammie Catalano, Contributing Editor

#GIRLBOSS, a book for the unorthodox, and the traditional, for the bibliophillic, and the non-reader. The autobiography tells the tale of the author, Sophia Amoruso, and her unconventional rise to success as she built her multi million dollar clothing company, Nasty Gal. Not only does this provide an actually interesting non-fiction read, but it gives useful advice for anyone willing to work hard and take charge of their success. Every chapter opens with a quote that resonates with the new generation of #GIRLBOSSES.

However, Sophia’s life certainly wasn’t seamless from the start. In the book, she goes into depth on her beginnings. She was not what one would call studious… She struggled her way through school and dropped out in her Sophomore year. She expresses her opinions on the traditional school system and how one size does not fit all. Amoruso not only writes about the winding path that took her to her multi-million dollar company, but she encourages readers to learn from her past mistakes.

One may presume that a girlboss is a female who is a boss of either a company or an organization. Although the name may mislead you at first, a girlboss is someone who “plays to their strengths” and is willing to chase their lofty dreams, according to Amoruso. They want to succeed even when the path may not be easy, and they are individuals who are not afraid to beat to their own drum. To be a girlboss, one does not need to be an actual boss; Amoruso makes it clear that they simply chase their dreams with recklessness.

When needing that extra push to get through homework, and those days with four tests, nothing spells motivation quite like Sophia Amoruso’s book, #GIRLBOSS. Amoruso’s unconventional story to success breeds sheer inspiration and hope to all readers.

Pick up #GIRLBOSS today and learn the tips and tricks to being your own type of #GIRLBOSS.