Behind the Bind: A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder

“A Good Girls Guide to Murder” is a fiction and mystery novel written by Holly Jackson. This New York Times best selling teen crime keeps you guessing all the way up until the end. The journey of 17 year old Pippa Fitz Amobi takes the reader through endless leads of a crime that she’s on the wrong side of. The whole town of Little Kilton believes Sahl murdered his girlfriend, Andie Bell. Five years have gone by and Pip finally finds an excuse to investigate. Will she be proving everyone wrong or proving herself wrong?

This book is the perfect book to hold your attention. Especially if you tend to need more fast paced books so you don’t lose interest. It had me creating my own suspect board in my head. 

Other than the overall plot, the book itself was very well done. The character development had me going from characters I liked to characters I hated and back again. The main character, Pip, progressed so much along the way from just a girl with a hunch to a full on detective. You could never be too sure who was on Pip’s side.

It seems more common now for people to not be able to really get into a book, but I found my heart racing and emotions flowing as if I was experiencing this adventure first hand. Only after a few days I was onto the sequel, needing to read more about Pip and her adventures.

I’d have to give this book five stars for offering engaging characters, a fast-paced story line, and overall readability. Make sure to check out A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder.